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We are passionate about helping your people realize their potential, and we are relentless about doing this in neuro-psychologically optimal ways.

Corporate Training Programs

About Brainayan

We are super fussy about tailoring programs to perfectly fit your purpose.

Professional Training Programs, APAC

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Nitin More, Brainayan emerged from a passion to enable people tap into their best and align with their work and workplace. As a team, we bring insights from decades of experience working in top Fortune 100 tech companies, and Dr. More last led Facebook’s Learning and Development, APAC, after setting up Business Skills Development team at Google, India. Today, Brainayan programs find place in not only Fortune 500 tech companies but erstwhile start-up unicorns in industries like entertainment and transport in the APAC region.

Brainayan - Team

What’s different?

We solve for the employee and leadership development needs of your organization, and our solutions are tailored to fit seamlessly into your org. culture and values. This maximizes the returns for your organization as learning happens in context. Our off-the-shelf products, too, have a high-level of in-built flexibility allowing you to pick and choose what’s best for you. All our programs are also optimized for maximal learning by building them on neuro-psychological findings of how the human brain learns best. In short, your organization is at the centre of the programs we develop and deploy.

Brainayan Programs

We are passionate about unleashing the unrealized potential of your people.

Organizational Development & Team Building

Organizational Development

Our interventions help organizations identify opportunities, understand the change involved, and prepare and manage the change cycle smoothly.

Our popular interventions:

  • Culture change towards strengths, continuous learning, D&I, etc.
  • Leadership development to identify and strengthen the leadership bench.
  • Change management to identify key shifts required and support the change with impactful L&D solutions.
  • Team building to build diverse, committed and high performing teams.
Brainayan - Programs_LeadershipDev

Leadership Development

Identify and strengthen your leadership bench with solutions fully contextualized for their world view, beliefs, and methods and delivered in formats that work for your organization.

Our popular programs:

  • Self-awareness
  • Resilience building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Visioning
  • Inspiring and motivating
  • Influencing and negotiating
Corporate Competencies Programs

Manager Development

Build rapport and deep trust with each team member. Solve for the challenges of your first-time managers and managers of managers.

Our popular programs:

  • On-boarding and developing people managers
  • Developing managers of managers
  • Hiring and building a team
  • Performance management
  • Feedback
Manager Development Program, APAC

Corporate Competencies

Plug the gaps in vital skills and capabilities in otherwise qualified employees to effectively function and succeed in a corporate environment.

Our popular programs:

  • Project Management
  • Creating influence without authority
  • Teamwork
  • Prioritization and time management
  • Meeting management
  • Career development
Diversity and Inclusion Training Program

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity without inclusion can leave minorities in your organization feeling excluded, demotivating them from contributing their best. We work closely with your HR to understand your inclusion requirements, conduct interviews to get further insights and use these to create bias interrupters and diversity taskforces.

  • Managing bias
  • Managing Inclusion
  • Building a diversity scorecard
  • Commissioning customized diversity research
Corporate Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills

A side effect of globalization and multi-national spread of companies is that many are trying to express complex thoughts and communicate in languages that they do not have enough mastery over to people who may be equally incompetent in the language.

Our popular programs:

  • Business writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Difficult conversations
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Cultural intelligence
  • ESL: Start and continue the journey towards native-speaker-like competency.
Experiential Learning Program‎, APAC

Experiential learning and off-sites

Experiential learning

“Learning through reflection on doing” helps elicit changes in behavior and attitudes in real time. Our experiential learning solutions are developed and deployed on request.


A change of space for a short time can leave you with a happier, more productive team. Take your team to a beautiful space, away from home, away from office and get them more focused and better at working together, or gain clarity on the big picture and plan the org. strategy with few distractions of the day-to-day. We help you plan and arrange meaningful off-sites.

Psychometry (Third-party Programs)

Psychometry (Third-party programs)

Psychometry, today, is rich and complex with tools that deepen self-awareness and recommend ways to be a better version of you. We work with you to identify if psychometry is needed, and if yes, which tool suits your needs better and how to ensure that the learning from the tool translates into behavioral take-aways and generate meaningful ROI for the organization.

Psychometric tools we specialize in: True Colors®, MBTI, StrengthsFinder, StandOut, Firo-B, Strong Interest Inventory.

Brainayan's L&D Experts Team

Our Core Team

We each are different; together we make Brainayan fun and awesome!

Dr. Nitin More - Founder of Brainayan

Dr. Nitin More

Dr. More is passionate about helping people find the right strategies to change their behaviors so they can up level themselves. He has around two decades of experience in learning and development and holds numerous certifications. As a certified NLG coach, he has rich experience coaching and developing the C-suite.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Naik - L&D Evangelist at Brainayan

Dr. Ajit Kumar Naik

Dr. Naik leads the India presence of Brainayan. He brings 20+ years of rich research, training and teaching experience across Fortune 500 tech companies and higher educational institutions. He is also a Strong certified career counsellor.

Ms. Mamtha Dombla - L&D Consultant at Brainayan

Ms. Mamtha Dombla

With 20+ years of experience across industries and geographies, especially APAC, Mamtha Dombla brings a nuanced understanding of learning and development needs of organizations in the region.

Clients Speak

“Brainayan’s training programs are based on psychology and neuroscience research. They have a track record of working with top notch tech companies and understand the nuances of creating impact and building careers in corporates. They also are good partners for leadership development. For me, Nitin has been my go-to coach for a while now. His deep understanding of personality types and how it affects people’s behaviour and decision making, his depth of understanding of corporate life and its nuances, and his style of nudging me to go outside of my comfort zone is what makes him a great coach.

Kalpana Behara, Vertical Lead for Data Curation and Validation, Tech, in a US-based on-demand transportation network company

“I have had the pleasure of working with Nitin across two companies–Facebook and Grab. It has been an incredibly powerful and impactful association across many dimensions. … I would not hesitate to recommend him to any company looking for anything to do with people—ranging from a large OD intervention to a small team building workshop. He has the passion and the experience to make every intervention a value creating one.”

Sandeep Khanna, Lead—People and Organizational Development in a Singapore-based leading technology company and erstwhile start-up unicorn

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Nitin both as a colleague and a client. It’s always a great experience working with Nitin, who is an absolute perfectionist and a very well organized person be it his thoughts, approach or execution, and he runs Brainayan exactly the same way. It’s always the customer, or rather his audience, who will be his priority, and this is an extremely important trait in the field of learning and development. Nitin is also very inspiring, which is a great quality as a facilitator as that helps keep the audience engaged and leave them motivated. Again, great to work with Nitin and the team, will always be our go-to consultants for our L&D needs.”

Farheen Mehdi, Learning Manager, Maps, a US-based leading technology company

A big Thank You to Dr Nitin More and Dr Ajit Kumar Naik from Brainayan to getting us started with an insightful workshop!


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