Help your managers stay ahead of the challenges of remote managing a distributed workforce

Managers everywhere are right now facing unprecedented challenges keeping their distributed teams together during the lockdown. Not only are they to ensure workflow and business continuity, but also support their teams handle the stress and distractions of being holed up at home until an uncertain future date.
We, at Brainayan, believe managers hold the key to the successful remote work of a distributed team. They can ensure clarity of goals, technical support, tools for collaboration and above all a sense of belonging even when their team members are physically apart deprived of water cooler conversations.
Brainayan’s Remote Management for Covid-19 WFH addresses 5 key questions that’s on every good manager’s mind right now.

1. Is my team being fully utilized?

2. Is my team being siloed?

3. Is my team working?

4. Is my team feeling supported?

5. How’s the well-being of my people?

The program is designed to bring your managers together to support each other with insights and experience while also bringing them the best practices perfected by companies with a global presence. More importantly, it’s not meant to be a one-way information download. The session is designed to help managers contextualize what works for your company.
While designing the program, Team Brainayan has drawn on its own experience of working at global tech giants Google and Facebook and its own day to day experience of being a distributed team with a frontline view of the challenges and solutions of distributed teams.


We are passionate about helping your people realize their potential, and we are relentless about doing this in neuro-psychologically optimal ways.


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