Finding Purpose

Why is Purpose Important?

In our life journeys, we all breathe, eat, live. But we are all different and our diaries will look very different anyway. However, what makes us unique is finding a purpose for this journey that will make it meaningful. Some of us want to live the American dream. Others want to create great art. Still others find their North Star in helping others.

Of course, living a life per expected societal norms can be a purpose some of us sign up for and be happy with. Nothing wrong in that. Being aware of and intentional about it matters. Once you know your goal in life is to lead a life in compliance with the expectations of the society, you have the rest of the journey pretty much mapped out – study, get a job, start a family, raise kids, retire happily.  Knowing what next ahead of time can be extremely comforting. Being able to learn from others that have done this before can boost confidence.

For others, a purpose might be leaving a legacy that goes beyond leading life. Even society promotes finding a purpose. When we ask kids what do you want to be when you grow up, we are asking for a purpose. When students are forced to choose a curriculum that will have a long-term impact on their life, we are pushing for a purpose, prematurely perhaps. When people pick or swap jobs, they are trying to find or align with their purpose in several cases.

What if society doesn’t promote finding purpose and only pushes for securing conformity to societal norms? People rebel. Look at the Afghan women fighting for their right to education. Look at people that slogged to be doctors or engineers and then changed tracks. When people find their calling, they do not care about conforming to external expectations. They go with what they find worthwhile. Sometimes at the cost of financial security or long-time relationships. Why? Because it energises them. It gives them the strength to challenge external expectations and fight for their purpose.

And what happens as people find their purpose? They dive deep, they give it their all, they make great things happen and they find happiness in the journey they are having. A Malala Yousufzai takes on extremists, a Greta Thunberg takes on world leaders, a Kalpana Chawla inspires a generation of young women. Finding a purpose helps you make decisions and choose among options from time to time. Your purpose helps you know when you digress and find your way back to your happiness and legacy.

That’s why it matters to find and pursue your purpose – as an individual, a team, or as an organisation.


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