Staying Resilient in Trying Times

Change and uncertainty have been a part of the business world for some time now. The COVID crisis, however, took it to a whole new level! Succeeding, or even just surviving, in such a volatile environment requires us to find and tap into our fount of resilience. For a people manager, this would mean nurturing not only their own resilience, but also their team’s. 

Staying Resilient in Trying Times is based on Brainayan’s proprietary Five Anchor Resilience Model. It draws on the insights from the extensive research happening in the field of resilience psychology. The participants will draw insights about them and their teams from three psychometric assessments that are offered as part of the program.

Program Details

Duration: 2 Sessions of 2 hours each
Mode: Live Online
Group Size: 15-20
Eligible Audience:  People Managers
Objective of the Program

Enable people managers with tools to build highly resilient teams that thrive in adversity.
Expected Takeaways

Participants can expect to takeaway:
  1. A deep understanding of what resilience is and what makes people resilient 
  2. A measure of their own and their team’s resilience
  3. Insights and tools to strengthen their own and their team’s resilience
Psychometric Assessment

Participants are expected to complete three psychometric assessments before they attend the online session. 

1. Workplace Resilience Perception Survey: Get a pulse check on how you 
are doing compared to the norm.

2. Workplace Resilience Prediction Survey: Understand which resilience 
anchors are strong or weak for you.

3. Resilience Situational Judgement Test: Understand how you behaviorally, 
cognitively and emotionally respond to stress.
Some feedback from participants:

Very interactive… very tough to have an interactive session given the current situation, but with all the short activities and well thought out content and surveys, this definitely was very engaging… well organized and liked doing the pre work shared as well before the session. 
Mahima Rai – Senior HR Manager
All our workshops are highly interactive. We drive interaction through case study discussions, challenging scenario discussions, other group and learning partner breakout room activities, role plays, polls, jamboard /mural activities and share-in-chat activities. These provide participants with the opportunity to interact, practice and learn not only from the facilitator, but also from each other.