Managing Innovation

Innovation management involves all measures to encourage new products, processes, or business models that allow an organization to conquer new markets, save costs or exploit new sources of income. For a people manager, this boils down to one key factor—appetite for risk-taking. Brainayan’s Managing Innovation is designed to enable people managers to understand their and their organization’s risk-taking philosophy and takeaway best practices for creating a culture of innovation culled from the most innovative companies across the world. 
Program Details

Duration: 2 Hours
Mode: Live Online
Group Size: 15-20
Eligibility: People Managers

Objective of the Program:

Enable people managers with:
1. A deep understanding of their and their organization’s risk-taking philosophy.
2. Best practices to build a culture of innovation.
Expected Takeaways
1. Insights into your organization's risk-taking philosophy
• Company folklore and what you can learn from it  
2. Insights into your risk-taking style
3. Understanding what's successful innovation
• Definition and criteria for successful innovation
4. Best practices and tools to create a culture of innovation
5. Insights for applying learnings to a live problem in session
All our workshops are highly interactive. We drive interaction through case study discussions, challenging scenario discussions, other group and learning partner breakout room activities, role plays, polls, jamboard /mural activities and share-in-chat activities. These provide participants with the opportunity to interact, practice and learn not only from the facilitator, but also from each other.