A key task for a people manager is to inspire and grow their team members through feedback. This is, however, a conversation that usually triggers anxiety and a tendency to avoid it completely. The Feedforward Workshop is designed to change this perception and turn feedback into meaningful conversations that can change behaviours appropriately.

Program Details

Duration: 2 Hours
Mode: Live Online
Group Size: 15-20
Eligible Audience:  People Managers 
The workshop also explores some difficult scenarios and shares strategies to address them. Participants get the opportunity to practice giving feedback using Brainayan’s proprietary framework CLAS/CLAPS. 
Objective of the Program

Enable people managers with tools and insights to give growth-focused feedback.
Expected Takeaways

Participants can expect to takeaway:

1. Insights into the difference in impact between feedback and feedforward

2. Brainayan’s proprietary CLAS / CLAPS feedback model

3. Strategies to address challenging feedback scenarios

4. Strategies to address weakness as defined in strengths philosophy
Sample Difficult Scenarios*

1. Defensive Team Member 
Giving feedback to a defensive team member

2. Emotional Team Member 
Giving feedback to an emotional team member

3. Uncomfortable Issue
Giving feedback on an uncomfortable issue, like unacceptable attire or body odour

4. Weak Performer
Giving feedback to a well-meaning but weak performer
All our workshops are highly interactive. We drive interaction through case study discussions, challenging scenario discussions, other group and learning partner breakout room activities, role plays, polls, jamboard /mural activities and share-in-chat activities. These provide participants with the opportunity to interact, practice and learn not only from the facilitator, but also from each other.
*Note that the scenarios are customizable based on client requirements.