Cross-Functional Collaboration
This 2-workshop program brings groups or individuals with different functional expertise to work towards a common objective. Cross-functional collaboration is challenging and very often fails due to lack of trust, misaligned priorities, siloed goals of various functional teams, and poor communication. 

Brainayan’s Cross-functional Collaboration equips individuals to lead cross-functional projects successfully. It’s built on the three pillars of collaboration—Alignment, Accountability and Accomplishment.

Program Details

Duration: 2 Sessions of 2 hours each
Mode: Live Online
Group Size: 15-20 People
Eligible Audience:  People Managers
Objective of the Program

Enable individuals with tools to manage cross-functional collaboration effectively.
Expected Takeaways

Participants can expect to takeaway:
  1. An assessment for identifying areas of trust deficit 
  2. Conversation framework for negotiation and alignment 
  3. Insights into organisational and role/task boundaries and their impact 
  4. Best practices to overcome such boundaries
  5. Prioritization tools and techniques for use when different functional teams work together
  6. Tips to assess performance and recognize/celebrate wins
All our workshops are highly interactive. We drive interaction through case study discussions, challenging scenario discussions, other group and learning partner breakout room activities, role plays, polls, jamboard /mural activities and share-in-chat activities. These provide participants with the opportunity to interact, practice and learn not only from the facilitator, but also from each other.